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Health of Saranya is improving

Last month, it was Roberta and Giacomo(Italian volunteers) who saw Saranya for the first time in such a suffering situation. While they were visiting families of the poor children adopted by the Italian donors. Saranya was absent from the school for a long time. Surely it was a mistake of the school administration who was not careful “why Saranya is absent?” When Roberta came back from the village, she discussed the situation with the Please sound members. Knowing it, Please sound team along with director of the school visited her house…
When I saw Saranya for the first time, looking at her body conditions made my heart to suffer for a long time. Looking at her medical prescription, we understood she had a problem in her kidneys.. which was causing swelling in her entire body. For me, It was impossible to imagine a small kid has such kind of medical problem. Perhaps, it’s poverty, for poor children a good care and life is not easily accessible. Living without proper food, water, and clean house.. surely a reason for such problem.

Fortunately, with the help of please sound and Italian sponsors, she was taken to a better hospital in Pondicherry. At the time, we were hopeless.. but when I visited her last week, she was recovering very fast. The doctor said she is out of danger. Hearing this was a joy to my heart. Now, we are taking care of her in a good way, so that she can back to her life, soon…

Saranya before treatment

Saranya with family

Rajeev Ranjan with Saranya

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