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Visit to Sponsored Children at Thalvenyur School

We are working at Thalvenyur from 3 years, to support poor children for their better education, culture, health, and future.
To reach Thalvenyur by road is not easy since roads are very bad and there are a lot of potholes. Kalvarayan hills region is poorest part of Tamilnadu State of India, where the life of poor is full of scarcity. Even they struggle for their basic needs. There is okey connectivity of roads from the nearest city Salem/Kalakurchi to Vellimalai. and from Vellimalai to Thalvenyur are just 7 KMs but it takes a couple of hours to reach here. The reason: bad road, hilly surface, and potholes. Traveling to Thalvenyur was not painful because we have to go there for our work, but realizing 25 another villages depends on the same difficult road. The poor live there in the 25 villages have many hurdles for the access of school, health service, market, electricity, etc.
Considering all the factors, to help the poor, we are supporting the school of Community Sewa Center and hostel for the better future of poorest children lives there. The school is surely a big gift for all the people and children live in such a difficult zone.
In the school, along with the education, children receive good culture, food, clothes, hostel, etc. to ensure their better future.
We (Please Sound onlus, sponsors, and volunteers) come every year to see our sponsored children and seeing their progress; we really feel satisfied and grateful to our team, sponsor, and partner working for them.

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Visit to Sponsored Children at Thalvenyur School
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